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  • Tess Taaca

Here is my unique Instagram QR code. On my Instagram account, you can view what I have captured through my lens. I hope you enjoy my photography and I hope it inspires you to get out there!

GET IN TOUCH with me for any inquiries on any prints. Thanks for your support.

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Southern Conservation Trust had a contest for their #WildAboutWildlife fundraising apparel in 2022. I knew that designing for this competition was in my wheel house, since I had obtained a BFA in Graphic Design from UCF. I entered several vector computer drawings and took creative license to my own nature and wildlife photography. This is the design they chose and I was hoping it was the chosen one, as well! You can purchase a variety of t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirt with my design gracing the front. Go to the link below and pick one up for yourself! Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to land conservation in the Southeast.

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  • Artwork Of Tess Taaca

It's been a long-time-coming for a refresh! So, I have been adding NEW PHOTOGRAPHY to my galleries. It is a work in progress to get those, 'Hues and views,' up for your viewing pleasure. For more eye candy, follow me on Instagram : @artwork_of_tess_taaca

And don't forget to smash that LIKE button! I appreciate your support & GOOD VIBES!!

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