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On the heels of completing my new website, my MONOCHROME photography is finally on exhibit at SPIN's Barber Shop in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle until July. I love the classic feel of black & white photography. This is a collection of my experiences and being a Wanderlust Enthusiast. I have printed, matted and framed each piece you see above. I appreciate people that support local artists. With the growth of "Big Business," we need to support each other locally and keep the American dream of being your own business owner alive and well. Go on down to Spin's to see the collection and purchase a piece of Fine Art for your home! For any inquiries, please GET IN TOUCH on my CONTACT page.

Thanks and Good Karma to you!!

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  • Artwork Of Tess Taaca

The art company, Blick's, has featured an art competition: Famous Faces- Celebrity Art Challenge, for the beginning of April. Many art mediums were accepted. There is so much talent out there and I'm proud to be a part of this artistic community. I have entered my drawing, "Jerry Garcia." It is a monochrome drawing created

with hard and soft charcoal bricks and pencils. I love the depth and intensity which black and white artwork portrays. When it comes to drawing with charcoal versus drawing with pastels, I prefer getting my hands covered in charcoal dust. Please visit Blick's Famous Faces- Celebrity Art Challenge and vote for my drawing once a day on each computer, phone, tablet and ipad.

Thanks and Good Karma to you!

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  • Artwork Of Tess Taaca

After really examining and being very self-critical (as any artist is of their work), of my former website's design, I made the decision to revamp it. When I had started, I was new to the whole website set up and making sure my artwork was represented in the best way possible at the time. The new & improved website was created in just under 3 weeks and lots of coffee consumption. It not only includes an artist portfolio, but prints are available for purchase. It was à propos; new state and new website. I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and support since I had first published the new website. It's amazing how much you can accomplish surrounded with the positivity from people, overcoming your fears, and going all in.

Thanks again and Good Karma to you!!

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