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Happy Accident

Sunny days are relished in Seattle. It is a wonderful reprieve from rain and overcast skies. So, on a whim, I decided to pack up my gear, go on a little road trip and explore the surroundings. The park had a wonderful pebble beach and ancient driftwood lining the beachhead. While photographing the landscape, there was a seagull chasing the other seagulls around. I adjusted the ISO and shutter speed a couple of times to anything that I might think would work to catch the anger of this aerial marauder and it worked! Some express that the K1 isn't for fast photography, but it can be done. Plus, I believe having a Full Frame lens does help.

So here is my Happy Accident...

"On The Rampage"

Pentax K1

D FA 28-105mm

Thanks and Good Karma to you!

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